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Climate change demands our attention.

As our knowledge of the climate emergency evolves, teachers and learners need learning materials that educate, ignite passion, and support engagement with the climate crisis in meaningful ways.

The resources here were made with adult language learners in mind, but educators and learners are welcome to use and adapt the materials for any audience.



Learn about climate change and the climate emergency through authentic texts and media.


Ignite Passion

Identify aspects of the climate emergency that resonate with you most.


Support Engagement

Explore ways in which you can impact climate change in your local community or around the world.

About the Materials

The resources available here were developed with adult language (English) learners in mind. However, any educator or learner can use or adapt the materials to suit their individual needs.

My hope with this resource is that teachers and learners might have a place to start finding materials related to the climate crisis to integrate into their classroom and learning environments.

All materials may be used and adapted with attribution. Please do not use these materials for commercial use.

If you would like personalized materials developed, please contact me using the form below.

Creative Commons License
Eco-Education by Crystal Rose-Wainstock is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Reading Resources

These materials feature authentic English texts. They include vocabulary lists, activities, reading guides, and discussion questions.

Listening Resources

These materials feature authentic English recordings (podcasts, videos, etc). They include vocabulary lists, activities, listening guides, and discussion questions.

Miscellaneous Resources

Materials that are not strictly reading or listening in nature can be found here.

This document contains links to online resources related specifically to climate change and mental health. It’s updated periodically.

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